Wicked Waists

Wicked Waists - Corsets and Bespoke Alternative Clothing

This site gives us an opportunity to share our love of all things beautiful about the alternative clothing scene. We design everything from sexy black pvc dresses to the most flamboyant gowns in silks and satins. Plus we stock some of the best quality and value corsets available online.

We pride ourselves on our ability to fit a garment. Our bespoke clothing is obviously the perfect fit, to ensure your satisfaction we will size your corset for you, taking away the guesswork often associated with buying a corset.

We also make rubber and leather chokers in a variety of designs. We also stock arrange of jewellery and accessories. Please email or call us for more details.

Chris Davis

From a background as a drag queen, Chris always had a love of over the top clothing but had been unable to find what he wanted. Chris then set out to design and make his own clothing. This lead him to making outfits for others after training in Fashion Design and Technology at UCA (University Of Creative Arts) where he colluded with his colleague and partner Fiona.  

Fiona Bucknor

As a young lady who adores sexy and wonderful clothing, Fiona pursued the thrill of creating her own outfits for herself and  her private clients. Hungry for knowledge she studied at UCA (University Of Creative Arts), picking up a handful of clients who wanted her to sketch designs from their ideas and make an outfit for them. For the taste of success she sought to build upon this by joining forces  with Chris.

Take a glimpse into our world of fantasy fashion!

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